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St. Stephan


St. Stephan

st stephan

The main protestant church in Bamberg, the Stephans church dominates over the center of the Stephans hill. According to the legend, St. Kunigunde paid for the building of this church, as seen in the Relief on the imperial grave in the Dom. In the year 1020 this church was consecrated from Pope Benedikt VII, nothing more exists from this church. The oldest part of the church that exists today is the tower from the 13th century. The choir begun in 1626, from Giovani Bonalino could not be finished due to the 30 year war. 1677 Antonio Petrini was commissioned to finish the choir. A west wing and a transept create with the choir an equilateral cross.

The transept crossing in the middle shows a piece relief that depicts Stephans Martyred, created from Johann Jakob Vogel in 1688. In the year 1808, the secularization part of the stolen Amenities was provided back to the evangelical church community of Bamberg.


Böttinger house


The Böttinger house in Bamberg, earlier known as the Prell house, was commissioned ​​to Johann Ignatz Tobias Böttinger and was built between 1707 and 1713. The architect and building crew are unknown. The people’s city palace, constructed after the model of an Italian Palazzo, showed the people of the time an impressive example of the wealth of Böttinger. The interior of the house is characterized by an ornate courtyard, an imposing stairwell and well equipped rooms. Another special feature of this house is the access to the garden.

From every floor it is possible to enter one of the terraces of the garden. Since 1992, there is an artist gallery in the exceptional Baroque house.


Bamberger Beer Keller


Beer Keller is the word we use in Bamberg for the beer gardens high upon the hills of our city. They are the favorite destination for beer lovers in summer. Up there on our hills, are the huge tunnel systems where in the middle ages sand was mined for cleaningandabrasivesand. It didn’t take the brewers long to find out that these tunnels were the perfect place to age and store their beer. Shortly thereafter, linden and Catania trees were planted for shade and light colored gravel was spread out to keep the temperature low. Of course it only made sense to drink the cool beer at the “source,” and so was born, the beer gardens on the Keller.

A few rules for non-franconian’s:

Lay your stein on its side, AFTER you’ve finished your beer, to show the waitress that you would like another. BYO food. Tradition allows snacks, sandwiches, but no hot food. It isn’t necessary; the food on the Keller is inexpensive and GOOD!!!


Restaurant recommendations:

Wilde Rose Keller

wilde rose kellerSeit mehr als einen Jahrhundert ein beliebter Sommertreff in Bamberg bieten rund 1.500 Plätze eine idyllische Atmosphäre. Ausgeschenkt wird Wilde Rose Kellerbier und Pils, Schlenkerla Rauchbier, Bamberger Weiße und Keesmann Herren Pils. Fränkische Hausmacher Brotzeiten (keine Bedienung). Natürlich sind auch mitgebrachte Speisen erlaubt!

Der Wilde Rose Keller ist bei schönem Wetter von Mai bis September Werktags täglich ab 16.00 Uhr geöffnet. Samstag, Sonn- und an Feiertagen bereits ab 15.00 Uhr geöffnet. Oberer Stephansberg 49.


Spezialkeller (Spezi-Keller)

spezikellerDer Bierkeller mit 700 Plätzen hat die schönste Aussicht auf das Weltkulturerbe Bamberg und eine eigene Brauerei - Spezialitäten: Rauchbier im Steinkrug, Weißbier, Ungespundetes vom Fass. Fränkische Hausmacher Brotzeiten. Geöffnet Di bis Sa ab 15:00, Sonn- u. Feiertage ab 10:00 mit Mittagstisch. Montag Ruhetag. Sternwartstr. 8